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Rene Andrew

About Us

Rene Andrew features unique decor accent pieces and home furnishings. 

We are most known for our lighted bottles and dimensional plastered pieces.

Some items are vintage, others new, yet each piece is embellished with

one-of-a-kind details making it the perfect item to add individual style and flair.


Rene Andrew started out as a mother-daughter company that began in 2013,

but our story began generations ago long before that!


On the mother's side of the company, there once was a man named Rene. 

Rene was my grandpa and as a young man, he was an artist living in Belgium.

Rene was known for his beautiful paintings and artwork, so the family began

to pass down his name to the women family members. 

We believe that this name holds a special power, because each person that has

received the name has been blessed with an eye for design and a creative mind. 


Meanwhile, the name Andrew has also been passed down along the

other side of the family; this time among the men in the family from father to son. 

    Each man receiving the name Andrew has lived up to its meaning of

strength and courage.


When these two families were joined by a love story, the names

Rene and Andrew continued to be passed down to their children.

The owner joined the two names, tying together the family history.

Thus the brand Rene Andrew was created.  


Rene Andrew believes that every item must uphold the

company's rooted meaning of creativity and strength,

 which explains our unique blend of elegant and industrial style.

As the story continues, we are pleased to share that a "sister-store" has been opened by

my daughter called                              . 

Coastal elegance and seaside influences are reflected in the unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. 

These two brands frequently collaborate and exhibit at events together.

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